Our Approach

Air Flow Solutions specializes in the modification and manufacturing of OEM and Aftermarket induction system components. Our dedication and attention to detail throughout the design, testing, manufacturing, and final assembly processes are competitive.  Coupled with our dedicated, knowledgeable staff, investment in testing and manufacturing equipment, and constant refinement of processes, we strive to bring the latest record-setting technology from a vision/concept to our customers.

Our Story

Bret Barber has been a Ford enthusiast since he was 17 years old.  His first Mustang was a blue 2013, which inspired Bret to test the products on the market.  Hitting a wall after making the most common and cost-effective alternatives to gain power, he started modifying OEM parts. 

After removing the factory induction system and seeing there was plenty of room for improvement, Bret’s experience as a machinist and head porter directed him to take the next step to get air into the motor.  The intake and throttle body were first in line.  After several attempts at different variations of the throttle body, we came up with the best of all worlds.  With the results he was yielding, Bret decided to share his modified products with some close friends in the industry, and eventually brought them to the market.

Meet the Team

One of our goals is to improve the customer experience in a market where elbow grease and high speed have taken precedence in the past.

Bret porting a V6 Intake Manifold

Bret R. Barber Jr.

The man who created the concept and design that is Air Flow Solutions. Bret continues to innovate and develop new techniques to improve the efficiency of the induction system.

Founder & CEO

Waiting to make a pass at the Tucson Dragway

Mary Ann Barber

Vice President

Mary Ann works behind the scenes to support the overall success of the company. Her hard work and dedication make our dreams become reality. You may meet her on our social media pages, working in the shop, or racing her 2018 Mustang GT at the local drag strip.


Ariana Speranza

Office Manager

Overseeing day-to-day operations, Ariana keeps the office running smoothly. She brings her dogs to work and encourages Air Flow Solutions to build team spirit.

Next Steps…

Contact our team at (520) 355-9711 to find out what the next step is to modify your build.