Air Flow Solutions’ Mission

To help our customers achieve their horsepower goals by offering quality products and services derived from a culture of improvement and passion.

Ford Mustang with modified induction by Air Flow Solutions

The Air Flow Solutions Story

As an automotive enthusiast since he was 17 years old, Bret Barber founded Air Flow Solutions (AFS) to turn his passion for automotive performance into a way to share his ideas on how to improve engine horsepower with other like minded enthusiasts. After routinely telling people that he was not interested in selling cars that he had built, or any combination of the parts installed, Bret eventually got tired of having the same conversation with different people and decided he would start manufacturing race winning parts for other people…and Air Flow Solutions was born.  

From his early days of modifying cars Bret understood that the foundation to improved engine performance is increased airflow. By leveraging his decades of experience as a machinist and employing cutting edge 3D modeling software Bret was able to develop a modification strategy for OEM induction equipment, specifically the throttle body, intake manifold, and cylinder heads. By employing aerospace grade multi-axis CNC machining equipment Bret translated his porting ideas from the virtual world into precise and repeatable modifications to factory induction components resulting in maximized airflow using OEM packaging.