How to properly prepare and ship your intake manifold

Step One:
Secure the bottom of the box!

Tape in a crisscross pattern and make sure the edges of the box are sealed.
(Make it so crap doesn’t fall out the bottom please)

Criss cross tape pattern – secure the edges

Step Two:
Reinforce the box!

Add recycled cardboard and stray packing materials into the bottom of the box (before adding the manifold!)
(Give your manifold security and a nice cushion to sit on for the trip to AFS)

So strong
So bubbly

Step Three:
Remove bolts and O-rings!
Remember to remove the top bolts before shipping as the bolts may cause damage in transit. Go ahead and remove the O-rings as well.
(Find yourself a nice little baggie and keep the bolts and O-rings safe!! You’ll need them when you get the manifold back)

Don’t get screwed!! Keep your screws
Oh baby oh baby! Hang onto those O-rings!

Step Four:
Securely wrap the inlet with packaging material
Use some bubble wrap or other packaging material to thoroughly secure the inlet.
(Make sure the vacuum lines don’t get broken!)

Wrap it up nice and tight, protect all the pokey things!

Step Five:
Wrap the entire intake manifold in bubble wrap!
Make sure the intake manifold has packaging material all the way around it!
(Prevent cracks and damage by making sure you put lots of squishy stuff in the box!)

Squish squish
This manifold will be safe and secure during transit!

Step Six:
Add additional reinforcement!
Go ahead and add another layer of recycled cardboard and packaging materials to the top of the box.
(Yup – we’re that serious about your manifold being safe that we want ANOTHER later of reinforcement if possible)

Nothing will be wiggling around in this package!
Protect the Manifold!

Step Seven:
Seal the top of the box!
Make sure you fully secure the top of the box with tape or other secure package sealer
(Don’t forget to seal those edges!)

Don’t get into a sticky situation!
Make sure your package is sealed!

Step Eight:
Mark the shipment as Fragile
Go ahead and make sure your package shows “Fragile” on the outside of the box – can use stickers or a marker
(We don’t want them mishandling the shipment! Let’s keep it safe!)

So secure
So so so secure!

Step Nine:
Mark the package with your super awesome hashtag catchphrase!
Oh wait… that’s our job!!
(You’ll see our tag on the outside of the box when you get your manifold returned to you safely!)

We’re so hip and relevant with our super awesome hashtag catchphrase!

Step Ten:
Wait as fast as you can!!!
Try to hold back the wild anticipation while we hand-port your system to the best quality standard that we’re known for!
(I know… I know… It’s hard to wait for something so awesome – but it’s worth it!)

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